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Interactive Internet based applications in learning
EduTechFlag launched a program "Synergy with MOOC"

The program aims to share  MOOC  (massive open online course) courses that can support sharing new knowledge and development of professional competencies of teachers while improving their English skills
Training digital SPACE studio
Digital SPACE studio objective is the development of knowledge and skills about the use of Interactive web based applications in learning

The training Digital SPACE studio is structured into topics. The training on each topic has a duration of 8 hours.

"Every teacher can be an innovator"
Basic web
What are web applications? What is the use of their implementation in the learning process?
Interactive multimedia development
 What is an interactive multimedia? How to design and create interactive multimedia for learning? How to develop engageing learning resources ?
Concept electronic 

What is an electronic concept map? What are the requirements for e-map creation? How to use the e-map in learning?
E-survey in

What is electronic survey? What is the role of web based tools for e-survey in learning?
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