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EduTechFlag mission is to create and support the effective use of smart and modern practices in the field of education. EduTechFlag operates since 2015.


The strategic vision of the company is related to the education and technologies, tools and applications, educational infrastructure, learning resources, research and analyses, innovative teaching models and events. 
EduTechFlag activities
  1. Technologies and Web platforms
    Best practices in education are related to ICT, such as e-learning platforms, web based applications, and tools.
  2. Infrastructure
    Best practices in infrastructure are the spaces related to the teaching/learning process, the spaces for learning assignments and labs, where the learners can perform team works, and spaces for implementation of Smart teaching models.
  3. Teaching models
    The learning can be highly efficient, when the teaching is related to the practice, enhanced by technologies and is based on an innovative pedagogy.
EduTechFlag for the Smart Education

Engage more learners, empower teachers and administrators, and develop a workforce with high-value global skills
  1. Milena
Milena Krumova, Ph.D
Founder and manager of EduTechFlag Ltd.
Milena possesses more than 15 years of progressive experience in the field of education. Since 2011, she holds Ph.D. in Economics (Economics and Management), since 2014 she holds Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Automation from the Technical University - Sofia, Faculty of Electronic Engineering and Technologies, in the field of Competency-Based Education and Innovative Technologies and Tools for Teaching & Learning and web 2.0.
She has been participated in many research projects and has been published more than 50 scientific paper as an author and co-author. She is a committee member of International Conference on Information and Software Technologies Proceedings published by Springer and member of Bulgarian Centre of Women in Technology. Since 2013 - 2017, she is a volunteer to coordinate for Bulgaria and lead in Sofia the world biggest Hackathon NASA International Space Apps Challenge. As a manager of EduTechFlag Ltd.
Milena is the organizer of one of the most innovative events in Bulgaria – Music Hackathons Bulgaria. the national contest for STEM sciences in Schools (K12) SUPER STEM and Sports Hackathons Bulgaria.
During the last 5 years, more than 2000 students at TU-Sofia have participated in an innovative learning scenario 2.0 model with the use of interactive media tools and applications (Learning 2.0), where she is a lecturer. 
In 2016, she has been chosen to be Bulgarian educator to participate at   Space Camp   NASA center at Huntsville, Alabama, USA.  Since 2017, Milena is a  Member of Chair Staff at UNESCO department at the State University of Library Studies and Information Technologies. 
During her professional career, Milena has been participated in a lot of scientific projects and events and have been visited many leading universities to share and exchange knowledge – CTG at the State University New York , Buskerud and Vestfold University College,  University of Queensland   Sydney University, Krems University, Oslo University, Melbourne University,  Knowledge Media Research Center at University of Tübingen, Technical University – Delft, and many other. 

Her vision of the day is "New day, new knowledge, new ideas". The most valued skills to be developed in the education are the accuracy of thinking, the speed of thinking and the creativity.

EduTechFlag is a member 

EduTechFlag is a training organisation for the project Science and Education for Smart Growth at the Ministry of Education and Science - Bulgaria

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